Advanced Topics in Genetics and Development Project

The goal of this project is to have you delve deeper into areas of genetics and development that we will be covering in class. By looking into these advanced topics, many of which are subjects of very active research, you will develop a better understanding of the basics. When you create your Power Points and Wiki pages you will need to find the balance between the basic and the advanced material. I can’t imagine that you can discuss genetic control, for example, without presenting transcription, or, epigenetics without presenting chromosome and DNA structure. However, you do not need to go into great detail about these. Your job is not to teach about the basics. Your job is to teach about the advanced concepts and use the basics as needed to help the rest of us understand.
You will work in teams of three unless I assign teams otherwise. You assemble the teams, I will assign the topics.

  • The cell cycle: stages, mitosis, control, CDK, telomeres
  • Cancer: characteristics, genetics, mutations, repair mechanisms
  • Control of gene expression: Transcription factors, epigenetics, transcript processing
  • Stem cells, cell determination and cell differentiation, cell signaling
  • Creating body plans: master genes (e.g. Hox, Bimp, Sonic Hedgehog etc.), early embryo development, cell signaling
  • Creating variation: Meiosis, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, fertilization, genomic imprinting
  • Modification of genes and proteins: transcript processing, protein folding, RNAi, gene repair
  • Creating bodies: implantation, invagination, gastrulation, neurulation, cephalization, organ formation

  • Self evaluation carefully describing your contributions to the project
  • Power point slides with notes
  • Presentation of Power Point in class (30 minutes)
  • Wiki page on same topic as power point including:
    • Information that is in the Power Point
    • Power point uploaded.
    • Use of (or creation of) video
    • Annotated links
    • 10 Multiple choice review questions
    • 1 AP style essay (with AP style answer key supplied to me.)

Textbook chapters:
  • Chapters 12-17 cover the basics of the cell cycle, heredity and molecular genetics.
  • Chapters 18-21 and 46-47 cover more advanced topics in genetics, genetic control and development

Sources to get you started. You should all check out all of these links:

Your project will be assessed on:
  • Thoroughness and accuracy of the science presented
  • Creative quality and effectiveness of the materials you use/create
  • Use of examples to explain concepts
  • You will be graded on your contributions to the project
Please see the rubric for complete details.
This project is worth 200 points.

Due Dates:
for completion of wiki page and Power Point

for class presentations